Sebastian Niemeyer joins BELLIN

Posted: 12 September 2017 | | No comments yet

Sebastian Niemeyer has joined BELLIN and will introduce an innovative new service based on the concept of the Virtual Network Bank.

Sebastian Niemeyer joins BELLIN

As previously Senior Sales Manager at SWIFT, Niemeyer was in charge of the BELLINSWIFT cooperation for several years before changing to the position of SWIFT Global Key Client Director for Deutsche Bank.

BELLIN’s mission is to create ‘global transparency in banking communication’ by revolutionising the bank onboarding process for corporate clients. BELLIN will provide access to a virtual bank network that includes suitable banks in any country and for any requirements.

BELLIN sets up the administrative framework and introduces a completely standardised process that exceeds any traditional services provided in connection with technical onboarding or consulting. This creates maximum efficiency and will allow corporate clients to overcome a number of administrative challenges:

■ Use of standardised contracts negotiated by BELLIN, with the company as account holder

■ Standardised fees for complete transparency when it comes to costs

■ Standardised KYC questionnaires

■ One stop solution (facilitated by BELLIN).

Both corporate clients and banks are set to benefit from this offering. While the selection and onboarding of banks will become much more straightforward for corporates, banks will no longer need to deal with each customer individually and will gain access to an entirely new customer base.

“BELLIN’s Virtual Network Bank initiative is giving me the opportunity to not only work on a project with enormous potential but to be a part of it from the very start. Being able to set up an initiative like this from scratch, to create something, holds an enormous appeal for me,” commented Sebastian Niemeyer on his move.

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