PurePrime now available to Invast clients thanks to XTX partnership

Posted: 29 November 2016 | Invast Global/XTX Markets | No comments yet

Invast Global has partnered with non-bank market maker XTX Markets, gaining its clients access to multi-asset prime services facility, PurePrime.

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PurePrime now available to Invast clients thanks to XTX partnershipNon-bank Prime Services brokerage Invast Global has partnered with non-bank market maker XTX Markets, whereby Invast Global clients will now be able to access XTX Markets’ liquidity via the Invast Global multi-asset prime services facility, PurePrime.

The partnership illustrates the rapidly growing stature of non-bank participants in financial markets, as banks continue to feel the effects of increasing regulatory constraints.

PurePrime now offers disclosed bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity from more than twenty unique FX and metals liquidity providers.

The new partnership follows growing demand for Invast’s PurePrime facility, which is tailored for institutional clients, brokerages, hedge funds and sophisticated traders. It also offers optimised FX and CFD liquidity through multiple trading GUIs or API that are backed by three tier one Prime Brokers.

Headed by Zar Amrolia and Alex Gerko, electronic market maker XTX provides liquidity solutions in equities, FX, fixed income and commodity markets. Through smart investment in software and people, the firm has quickly become acknowledged, according to Euromoney 2016, as one of the top three eFX Spot market-makers across the word.

As Invast Global CEO Gavin White notes: “The well-documented and undeniably impressive rise of XTX is a prime example of how the FX space is rapidly evolving, with clients seeking non-bank liquidity amidst growing bank-centric regulatory reforms.”

Traditionally, only the largest funds and institutions have been able to get access to the benefits provided by the non-bank market makers because access has relied on the client having a Tier One Prime Broker relationship. By partnering with the likes of XTX, Invast Global is leading the industry in providing access to non-bank liquidity for clients who do not have a tier one Prime Broker.

“It is a huge advantage for many clients – even some of the large funds and institutions.’ says White. “We are bringing clients the best of both worlds – the best Tier 1 bank liquidity aggregated alongside the best non-bank liquidity. It’s a new era.”

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