TTK selects Equinix platform for global expansion

Posted: 21 May 2012 | Equinix, Inc. | No comments yet

Leading Russian operator chooses Equinix to extend global connectivity, internet and ethernet exchange services…

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Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, today announced that CJSC TransTeleCom (Company TTK), one of Russia’s largest telecommunications operators, has joined Platform Equinix™ in seven key markets. The agreement includes the deployment of a new core network node in Tokyo and a series of high-capacity Internet and Ethernet exchange connections in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Ashburn, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Working with Equinix will considerably expand Company TTK’s connectivity capabilities across three continents by focusing on IP peering and Layer 2 connectivity. The multi service deployment will improve costs, reduce provisioning time and enhance end-to-end network performance.

The move provides Company TTK with access to Platform Equinix and a storefront within the Equinix Marketplace, with opportunities to connect to an ecosystem of over 4,000 networks, enterprises, cloud and content service providers. It also extends the breadth and depth of the Equinix Ethernet Exchange, enabling members to connect directly to virtually every lit building in the Russian Federation, through Company TTK’s fibre-optic network.

“Our global deployment with Equinix puts the Russian markets in closer contact with global business and financial centers,” said Vitaly Kotov, TTK Vice President and head of Backbone Unit. “When building connectivity to our extensive footprint in the Russian Federation, international companies and financial institutions can gain performance and security benefits. These new points of presence complement our unique assets, such as our low-latency land routes between Western European and Asian markets.”

“Company TTK is the first Russian operator to roll out such an extensive global footprint with Equinix, and is a welcome addition to our thriving global network ecosystem,” said Dick Theunissen, CMO for Equinix Europe. “Company TTK’s presence inside Equinix data centers creates an important new global gateway to the vibrant Russian market for network, finance, enterprise, content and cloud customers.”

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