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Gold-i has upgraded its super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge to provide brokers with a wider range of risk management controls…

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Gold-i, the global market leader in trading systems integration, has upgraded its super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge to provide brokers with a wider range of risk management controls, access to additional liquidity providers and new automated monitoring and spreading features.

Version 258, which launches in April, includes a range of features which have all been developed in response to requests from brokers to help them to trade more effectively.

Key features include:

Stronger Controls

  • The ability to dynamically change which clients or groups are B-Booked or A-Booked without the broker having to re-start the trading system or change the client group, providing brokers with better risk management and profitability.
  • The ability for brokers to log in as a ‘super user’ and book trades directly in the market using the Manager Terminal. This feature ensures that client privacy is maintained because the broker no longer needs to know the client’s password in order to log in on their behalf.

Enhanced Automated Monitoring

  • The server disk space and memory usage are now automatically monitored in order to maintain optimum operational efficiency.
  • Brokers are sent an automatic alert if a Liquidity Provider stops streaming quotes.

New Spreading Features

  • A new graphical interface to control all Gold-i Gate Bridge and MetaTrader4 spreading features.
  • An additional option to ‘tilt’ the spreads dynamically. This makes it far easier for brokers and their IBs to dynamically control the spreads that they offer their clients.

Additional Liquidity Providers

  • Multi-asset liquidity has been added from Ffastfill and LMAX.
  • FX liquidity has been added from First Derivatives.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i comments, “With Version 258 we now have 27 multi-asset liquidity partners including banks, ECNs and brokers, which is more liquidity providers than any other MetaTrader integrator. Through the Gold-i Gate Bridge and related products we remain focused on leading the market in terms of speed and functionality and have a number of additional innovations in the pipeline which will reinforce our position as a leader in our field.”

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