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May 2017

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the next issue of FX-MM:

  • Treasury, Trading and Technology Review – Wearable technology
    By Luke Antoniou
    Since the turn of the century, new technology has been the cornerstone of a constant revolution in banking and financial services. The launch of the iPhone a decade ago marked a huge shift for market participants, making Blackberrys almost redundant and PDAs look positively prehistoric. Fast forward to 2017 and devices have become smaller yet, and portable to the point of being wearable. From simply checking your bank balance on your watch to executing trades in virtual reality, FX-MM explores the potential for a new technological revolution in banking.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
    By Peter Garnham
    FX-MM examines the key trends and technologies that are being developed to strengthen anti-money laundering measures, and to help the fight against bribery, organised crime and the financing of terrorism in the financial landscape.
  • Robo-advice
    By Paul Golden
    FX-MM investigates how digital banking technology is impacting asset management. Does demand for digital services typically come from younger clients/first generation wealthy individuals, and can robo-advisers take significant business from traditional asset management firms? FX-MM examines how client demand for easier access to services is reconciled with the need to provide a secure environment for these services.
  • Challenger banks
    By Neil Dennis
    Leaner costs, simpler business models and creative fundraising have helped boost the profile of start-up banks. FX-MM investigates whether the large incumbents should be concerned about the rise and growth of challenger banks.
  • The cutting edge of cybersecurity
    By Eleanor Hill
    Cybersecurity is one area where financial institutions have to spend big. And yet so many are still getting it wrong. In fact, the UK’s National Cyber Management Centre recently warned that a big bank could fail in 2017 as a result of a cyberattack. With regulators in New York now getting involved in the rigour of banks’ cybersecurity policies, FX-MM takes a look at what banks are doing to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals.

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