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Issue #7 – October 2017

The next issue of FX-MM magazine goes to press on 27 September 2017 and will feature:

  • Transaction banking roundtable
    Author – Peter Garnham
    FX-MM hosts a round table debate with four leading figures in the transaction banking industry, investigating new trends and the challenges that exist in meeting increasingly complex client requirements in the sector.
  • Development in cash and liquidity management
    Author – Rebecca Brace
    Effective cash and liquidity management is essential when it comes to a company’s financial health. As technology continues to evolve, banks and fintechs are increasingly working together to develop products and solutions which can help companies manage their cash successfully. FX-MM reviews the most significant developments in this area and explores how banks and fintechs are collaborating in the current market.
  • PSD2: the threats and opportunities
    Author – Paul Golden
    The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been described as a catalyst for competition and digital disruption across the financial services industry – but what impact will it have on blockchain? FX-MM looks at the extent to which the objectives of PSD2 and blockchain are aligned and the opportunities this could create for new market entrants and incumbent banks. We also consider how future payments regulation might treat blockchain and what this could mean for users of payment services.
  • High-frequency FX trading: speed is not the only game in town
    Author – Neil Dennis
    The race between high-frequency traders to gain even the tiniest of speed advantages over their rivals has resulted in substantial increases in the cost of trading. FX-MM speaks to those traders who, faced with dwindling marginal returns and eye-watering cost increases, are turning to analytics and smarter trading strategies.

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