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Paradigm shift: optimal performance in a changing trading landscape

Mathieu Ghanem, Global Head of Sales at ADS Securities, tells FX-MM editor Peter Garnham how technology has the potential to revolutionise the structure of the FX market, and why he expects the firm to thrive…

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The technology behind cryptocurrencies has the potential to change the face of FX trading, from liquidity distribution through to settlement, clearing and post-trade confirmation, but there will be winners, and inevitably losers, says Ghanem.

“Things are moving very fast now as technology changes, and we have been actively following these trends,” he says.

Automation, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and blockchain are not just buzzwords to which ADS Securities gives lip service, they are, says Ghanem, serious topics that can change the FX industry and ones which the firm is embracing.

Automation lies at the heart of the changes sweeping the industry and allows the firm to enhance its digital marketing strategy, according to Ghanem. As he notes, ADS Securities services a wide range of clients, from retail investors to the most sophisticated institutional clients in the market.

“For us it is very important to be able to engage with our clientele, and to do so in an efficient manner,” says Ghanem. “It is not just a matter of spending a lot of money to make sure your brand is out there in the market. It is a matter of ensuring that your brand is out there in the cleverest way, and digital marketing and automation play a major role in delivering this.”

Ghanem explains that all customer data that comes through ADS Securities’ various channels ultimately gets aggregated in the firm’s CRM (customer relationship management system). That means that when the firm decides to launch marketing campaigns on certain media channels or websites, it can track the customers that come to the firm and make sure they are serviced appropriately.

“If you have a client that is coming to trade bitcoin, for example, there is no point in feeding him information on G10 currencies or EURUSD,” says Ghanem.

“In order to make sure that you target clients intelligently, you need to ensure that your CRM and your trading system talk to each other. You need to ensure the client behaviour data you receive, and there is lots of it across our website and trading platfroms, is not just sitting idly, but is being effectively processed and allowing you to automate in an efficient way.”

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