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iMeta delivers onboarding and client lifecycle management solutions to financial organisations. With a huge increase in financial regulation affecting banks, iMeta CLM has been designed to streamline and optimise customer onboarding and client due diligence, while also effectively managing regulatory and operational risks, through the whole lifecycle of the customer.

The software enables:

  • Clients to be onboarded in the quickest, least intrusive way – improving client experience and time to revenue
  • High levels of workflow rules and data automation, leveraging industry sources of client and entity data and documents
  • Management of processes across regulations, credit, legal, and entity data for complete client account maintenance
  • Compliance with a whole range of global and local regulations, covering AML/KYC, global tax such as FATCA, OTC Derivatives such as Dodd-Frank and EMIR, and Market Reform rules such as MiFID II
  • The collection, management and proof of all client and hierarchical counterparty data

We help you to deliver these efficiencies, so you can focus on your core business.



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