FX-MM April 2017 – Digital version

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In this issue: Real-time payments; bank collaboration; corporate treasury above and beyond; social engineering; algorithmic trading; market watch; blockchain; biometrics; cyber security – fighting wire payments fraud; and sixty seconds with TNS’ Alex Walker…

  • Real-time payments: Taking on the world
  • Editor’s interview: A fresh approach
  • Bank collaboration: The tug of war
  • Corporate treasury: Above and beyond
  • Social engineering: The art of the scam
  • Algorithmic trading: An essential tool
  • Market watch: Tracking the grey swan
  • Blockchain: Private or public?
  • FX operations: The next frontier for mutualisation
  • Biometrics: Biometric authentication – is it really worth it?
  • Cybersecurity: Fighting wire payments fraud
  • Sixty seconds with: TNS’ Alex Walker

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