FX-MM March 2017 – Digital version

Posted: 3 March 2017 | FX-MM | 1 comment

In this issue: Cross-border payments; Bank intraday liquidity; Regulation watch; Product profile; Leveraging the cloud; In-house banks; and Regulated communication…

  • FX in the spotlight: Brexit: brace yourselves
  • Cross-border payments: The next generation
  • Fintech: Gender diveristy in technology – is it becoming critical?
  • Bank intraday liquidity: A journey of transformation
  • Regulation watch: PSD2 – a chance for meaningful change
  • Product Profile: Intellect OneTREASURY
  • AML: Cleaning up compliance
  • Leveraging the cloud: Fintech reaches for silver lining
  • In-house banks: Staying in control
  • Regulated communication: Tailor-made solutions
  • Sixty seconds with: Glasswall’s Chris Dye

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