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Simon Smith - Articles and news items

Fed acknowledges new reality

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 27 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FXPro

A day of relative stability for Chinese shares, which have been the driving force of sentiment this week, the Shanghai composite trading in positive territory along with most other indices in Asia…

Commodity currencies remaining weak

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 26 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The fallout from Monday’s volatility continues to be felt in markets largely devoid of other fundamental drivers…

3 big-figure move on USDJPY

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 25 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

Monday was the day when the fear of the unknown truly gripped markets, with diminished August trading volumes serving to massively exacerbate moves….

Risk aversion prevails

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 24 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The Asian session has largely carried through the negative tone that was seen towards the end of last week, with the Shanghai Composite index down another 8%, with other equity markets in Asia down by around 4-5% as a result.

China concerns gather pace

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 21 August 2015 / Simon Smith, Chief Economist

Not a comfortable end to the week for many markets as ongoing concerns regarding China and emerging markets in general weigh on sentiment…

Dollar reversal on Fed expectations

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 20 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The release of FOMC minutes to the end of July meeting brought more uncertainty with regards to the timing of the next increase in rates.

Clawing for signs from the Fed

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 19 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

FX and other markets seem to have become less excited by the Fed in the past two weeks or so. The polls of institutions still show expectations positioned for a Fed hike next month, but the pricing in markets has become less convinced and this can also be seen in the latest dollar price action.

Lower volatility prevailing for now

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 18 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The focus for sterling today will be with the inflation data released at 08:30 GMT.

Sterling higher on rate debate

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 17 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

Cable finds itself around 20 pips higher at the European open on the back of comments from another member of the Bank of England’s MPC outlining the risks of leaving an interest rate rise too late.

A calmer tone emerging

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 14 August 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The stabilization seen on the Chinese yuan overnight should make for a more comfortable end to the week.

Inflation nowhere to be seen

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 31 July 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The last trading day of the month, which does bring risk of choppier than normal trading as institutional investors re-balance portfolios and funds adjust to fit around month end performance statistics.

Inching towards a Fed tightening

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 30 July 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The impression given by the Fed’s post meeting statement last night suggests a central bank inching towards a rate increase, with inching being the operative word here because the changes to the wording were indeed very subtle.

Fed keeping options open

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 29 July 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The two-day FOMC meeting concludes today with the focus on the statement released at 18:00 GMT.

Strange FX reactions

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 28 July 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

The two day FOMC meeting starts today, but it seems a long shot to expect the Fed to signal an increase in rates at the subsequent meeting in September.

Splitting the dollar

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro / 27 July 2015 / Simon Smith, FxPro

We enter the last trading week of the month with a 2 day FOMC meeting to contend with.