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Simon Smith - Articles and news items

Strange reasons to cheer China

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  19 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

So, here’s the thing. The headlines on China are not that market friendly, slowest quarterly growth since 2009, or slowest growth for the year as a whole in 25 years…

The permanence of lower oil

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  18 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

The last thing the oil market needs now is more supply but with the lifting of sanctions from Iran that it what it’s going to get from the country with the fourth largest amount of proven oil reserves…

Chinese bear market

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  15 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

According to unofficial theory a 20% decline in a stock index means that it has entered an official bear market and we saw this from the Shanghai Composite overnight following another 3.5% loss…

Gloomy markets will keep BOE dovish

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  14 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

So yesterday’s bout of risk was indeed temporary as we’ve seen yet another sea of red across Asian markets overnight and European indices are due to head down back towards their lows of the year…

Risk return temporary?

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  13 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

Finally some risk appetite is returning to Asian markets which have bounced overnight and this is due to feed into today’s European session…

Goldman call for equities rally

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  12 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

Often it’s the case that after a prediction from Goldman Sachs the markets react by moving in the direction of that call and this time this rather more hedged scenario means European indices can go in either direction for them to be right…

Asia starts another week in red

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  11 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

Asian economies are slowing, in particular China as evidenced once again over the week end and it’s how the authorities go about dealing with this that is spooking the markets…

Canada jobs to trump the US

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  8 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

The more interesting jobs report today could be the one in Canada rather than the US…

The Melting pot of concerns

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  7 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

It feels as if the past few years we’ve been obsessing about over-arching themes, such as Greece, Fed tapering and then tightening…

Geo-political tensions increase

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  6 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

It’s the yen that has really run away to the upside so far this week (and year), but at the other end of the scale, it’s mostly the commodity currencies that have struggled on the majors…

Risk currencies stabilise

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  5 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

It was an uncomfortable start to the New Year in many respects, but it’s not possible to pin it down to one particular thing…

A nervous New Year

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  4 January 2016  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

As liquidity returns to markets at the start of the New Year, we’re seeing a fairly uncomfortable start, with trading halted in Chinese equities after a 7% fall in the Chinese composite index…

Sliding into year end

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  18 December 2015  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

Currently markets feel like a newly married couple, trying to find their way in a newly anointed relationship…

Norway’s interest rate decision

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  17 December 2015  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

Norway’s interest rate decision at 09:00 GMT has hardly got a look in given the proximity to the Fed meeting…

Fed up of waiting

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  16 December 2015  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

So we finally arrive at what is the most anticipated Fed meeting in modern times, with what is likely to be the first interest rate increase from the US Federal Reserve in nearly 10 years…


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