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Renminbi (RMB) - Articles and news items

USD bulls wait for confirmation this week

Trading commentary: Saxo Bank / 16 November 2015 / John J Hardy, Saxo Bank

The market impact from the late Friday Paris terror attacks has rapidly been unwound, even if the longer-term implications of these attacks will be felt for a long time outside financial markets…

RMB falls back to position #5 as an international payments currency

Currency news / 30 October 2015 / SWIFT

According to SWIFT data, the RMB has dropped a position in the currency rankings for international payments, whilst underlying growth remains positive…

CME Group and China Construction Bank sign memorandum of understanding

Banking news, Treasury news / 19 October 2015 / CME Group

First time that Offshore Chinese Renminbi Futures contracts will be physically deliverable into London…

ParFX boosts currency offering with addition of offshore renminbi

Currency news / 23 September 2015 / ParFX

ParFX announced the addition of the offshore renminbi (CNH) as it expands the number of tradeable currencies offered on the platform…

Renminbi adoption is on the rise in South Africa

Treasury news / 29 July 2015 / SWIFT

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows that the Chinese currency now accounts for more than 30% of payments between South Africa and Greater China…

RBC completes first cross-border payment on Canada’s new Renminbi (RMB) Trading Hub

Treasury news / 15 April 2015 / Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada announced the completion of the first cross-border Renminbi (RMB) payment on Canada’s new RMB Trading Hub through the hub’s designated clearing bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Canada)…

RMB internationalisation is increasingly fuelled by offshore countries beyond Hong Kong

Currency news, Treasury news / 30 March 2015 / SWIFT

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows that offshore countries, excluding Hong Kong, represent 25% of RMB payments compared to 17% two years ago…

RMB strengthens its position as the second most used currency for documentary credit transactions

Currency news / 26 February 2015 / SWIFT

SWIFT RMB Tracker shows RMB’s activity share for documentary credit transactions increased to 9.43% in January 2015…

RMB breaks into the top five as a world payments currency

Currency news / 28 January 2015 / Cognito

According to SWIFT data, the Chinese yuan overtook the Canadian and Australian dollar as a global payments currency in November 2014, and now takes position behind the Japanese Yen, British pound, Euro and US dollar…

50 countries are now using the RMB for more than 10% of their payments value with China and Hong Kong

Currency news / 26 November 2014 / SWIFT

According to SWIFT data, RMB is now used for 11.2% of total payments value with China and Hong Kong, up from 6.2% 18 months ago…

Yuan to watch: why to eye the RMB

November 2014 / 13 November 2014 / Evan Goldstein, Deutsche Bank

Evan Goldstein, Global Head of Renminbi Solutions, Deutsche Bank, examines how the relative newcomer, the Chinese yuan or renminbi (RMB), has soared to great heights and explains how companies that leverage its potential can grow with it…

RMB reaches record levels of payments activity between offshore centres

Currency news, News / 30 October 2014 / SWIFT

According to SWIFT data, RMB activity share for international payments between offshore trading centres increased to 3.25% in September…

Could the renminbi become number ‘yuan’?

Blog / 28 October 2014 / Kok-Keong Tay, Head of GTB Asia at UniCredit

The US dollar has long occupied pole position in the international currency system, but could China’s renminbi grow to challenge the established hierarchy?…

Renminbi : the dragon has stirred

October 2014 / 6 October 2014 / Peter Garnham, Editor, FX-MM

Short-term worries over the Chinese economy should not cloud the fact that Beijing’s gradual, long-term aim of increasing the international usage of the renminbi and reducing the country’s reliance on the dollar. As, FX-MM’s Peter Garnham writes, the journey to full convertibility may be shorter than many think…

European hubs are fuelling RMB Internationalisation

Trading news / 26 August 2014 / SWIFT

SWIFT’s latest RMB Tracker shows that Europe represents 10% of Renminbi payments worldwide in value…