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Top 10 technology trends for 2017

Blog  •  13 December 2016  •  Gartner

With the new year just around the corner, and the last twelve months of innovative technology advancements to take forward, what’s next?

Gemalto supplies LotteCard with Optelio Contactless Stickers

Technology news  •  17 November 2016  •  Gemalto

Gemalto provide Korean credit network LotteCard with contactless payments stickers to support Korea’s mass use of contactless technologies.

Africa to reach landmark 1 billion mobile subscriptions by end of 2016

Technology news  •  14 November 2016  •  Ovum

Data from Ovum shows mobile subscriptions in Africa will reach 1.02 billion by the end of 2016, projected to rise to 1.33 billion by 2021.

PSD2, open banking and the rise of APIs

November 2016  •  1 November 2016  •  Rebecca Brace, FX-MM

With PSD2 as the driving force behind a much needed open banking revolution in the UK, we look at the role APIs might play in mobile banking.

Corporate mobile banking: Time for an update

October 2016  •  29 September 2016  •  Eleanor Hill, FX-MM

Corporate mobile banking began its first true wave five years ago, but we’ve come a long way in that time; now is the time for an update…

Mobile trading: Everything everywhere

July 2016, Z Homepage promo  •  15 July 2016  •  Rebecca Brace, FX-MM

Mobile trading technology has come a long way, with more sophisticated offerings for retail and institutional traders, writes FX-MM’s Rebecca Brace…

Dai Nippon Printing choose Gemalto’s Ezio Mobile Suite

Technology news  •  14 July 2016  •  Gemalto/Dai Nippon Printing

Gemalto will provide Dai Nippon Printing with their cloud-based authentication solution for mobile and online banking in Japan…

CFH Clearing launches CFH Mobile

Technology news, Trading news  •  24 May 2016  •  CFH Clearing

CFH Clearing has launched a mobile trading platform, CFH Mobile which is now available on all tablets and smartphones…

American Express® adds Apple PayTM for UK Corporate Cards

Banking news, Technology news  •  23 March 2016  •  American Express

American Express Global Corporate Payments UK announced that its UK Corporate Cardmembers can now use Apple Pay to tap and pay with compatible Apple devices…

OANDA predict 5 mobile finance trends on the rise in 2013

News, Technology news  •  23 April 2013  •  

From travel budgeting to currency trading to the concept of a cashless society, a number of mobile trends are gathering steam…

Saxo Bank launches iPad optimised trading app

News, Technology news, Trading news  •  23 August 2012  •  Saxo Bank

To date more than 60,000 traders have downloaded the app which now makes up 8% of Saxo Bank’s overall trading volumes…

The evolution of eFX – a trading platform is not enough

July / August 2012  •  13 July 2012  •  Gaies Chreis, COO, MetaQuotes Software Corp

aies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp., says that internet trading has recently reached an interesting stage in its development. Until recently it was possible to be successful by offering traders a good trading platform, but those days are gone.

A good trading platform is still high on the list of requirements although this alone is no longer the main criteria. In addition to having a convenient and functional platform, there is now a requirement for powerful Automated Trading, Mobile Applications and Additional Services.

The rise of automated trading is clear for all to see – the use of trading robots is already an important part of the professional activity of many traders. The number of such traders continues to grow and their programs have become more and more complex. Look at the Automated Trading Championship ( and it is easy to see why this feature is so important.

A changing market

May 2012  •  8 May 2012  •  John Younghusband, Dataart

John Younghusband of Dataart reflects on how technological developments have changed the face of FX trading.

As with the stock and commodity exchanges, where new technology has increasingly replaced the traditional open outcry market floors, in foreign exchange the old methodology of banks trading desk-to-desk via dedicated private voice circuits is gradually disappearing. Recent growth in program computer trading is the result of technological developments; a combination of greater computing power, lower telephony costs and “fibre to the kerb” provision for faster connectivity.

Significant volumes of FX trading are done entirely electronically. This change in trading methodology started with the launch of screen trading systems by the banks themselves, such as Deutsche Bank’s ‘Autobahn’ and Barclays ‘BARX’ in the late 1990s. This touched off an arms race in the industry which continues unabated with the emergence of a plethora of competing platforms, each boasting new features and technological advancements.

New Visa service provides secure “over the air” provisioning of mobile payments

News, Technology news  •  27 February 2012  •  Visa

“One-stop” solution enables financial institutions to wirelessly link Visa accounts with NFC-enabled devices…

Radius launches DATASHELTER Mobile

News, Technology news  •  23 June 2011  •  

Allowing financial institutions to keep certain information highly confidential while also exploiting the benefits of cloud computing…

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