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Will the London Olympics impact financial trading?

March 2012  •  9 March 2012  •  Allan Graham, Director Business Continuity Products, Equinix

London will be hosting one of the world’s biggest sporting events in 2012 – the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Games will benefit businesses, with billions of pounds of contracts in supply, but undoubtedly will also bring some challenges for businesses operating in and around central London. Allan Graham, Director Business Continuity Products, Equinix, looks at the business continuity challenges that the Games will pose.

Transport will be a particular issue during the Games. Currently, there are 3.5 million journeys a day on the London Underground and with an extra 800,000 people expected to use public transport to travel to the Games at its busiest times it will create an additional 20 million trips during the 2012 Games.

As a trading participant or financial services firm you might not see how external forces such as this directly impact your business or primary trade operations, but consider it in the context of the following scenario…

UK financial services businesses must get set for London 2012 economic boost, or risk missing out

News  •  10 January 2012  •  BT

Research shows optimism amongst the financial sector ahead of Olympics…


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