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Gold-i announces MetaTrader 5 product portfolio

Trading news  •  22 November 2016  •  Gold-i

The Gold-i MT5 Gateway will launch at the end of this month, providing brokers using with all the benefits and functionality of Gold-i’s MT4 Bridge.

Gold-i Launches Scalper Watch for MT4 Brokers

Technology news  •  22 July 2016  •  Gold-i

Gold-i has launched a new product, Gold-i Scalper Watch, to help MT4 brokers protect their profits and detect unwanted scalpers…

Gold-i launches its most significant product to date: Matrix 2.0 Liquidity Management System

Technology news  •  23 May 2016  •  Gold-i

Gold-i has launched Matrix 2.0, its most significant product since the company’s inception…

Gold-i selects Beeks Financial Cloud

Technology news  •  26 April 2016  •  Gold-i

Gold-i has formed a strategic partnership with Beeks Financial Cloud to offer further choice to its clients seeking connectivity and server hosting solutions…

Julian Elliott promoted to Operations Director at Gold-i

Movers & appointments  •  26 February 2016  •  Gold-i

Julian Elliott, one of the first employees at Gold-i, has been promoted to Operations Director…

Gold-i enhances visual edge with new risk management capabilities

Technology news, Trading news  •  14 December 2015  •  Gold-i

Gold-i Visual Edge, a powerful broker analytics product developed in partnership with Gold-i and Corellasoft, can now help MT4 brokers with risk management in addition to being used as a business analysis and client profiling tool…

itexsys extends partnership with Gold-i

Technology news  •  19 October 2015  •  itexsys

London-based MT4 White Label technology company, itexsys has signed an enhanced partnership agreement with Gold-i, world leader in trading systems integration…

Gold-i Brings the latest Thomson Reuters rate feed to MT4 Brokers

Technology news, Treasury news  •  9 July 2015  •  Gold-i

Gold-i has partnered with Thomson Reuters to launch an innovative Rate Feed adapter for Thomson Reuters Elektron aimed at B Book clients…

Expert View: Retail FX liquidity provision

Expert Views, June 2015  •  15 June 2015  •  Tom Higgins, CEO at Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO at Gold-i, tells FX-MM why the actions of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) have driven a fundamental change in retail FX liquidity provision…

Gold-i partners with Confisio to provide EMIR reporting tools to MT4 brokers

Trading news  •  20 May 2015  •  Gold-i

Gold-i, global market leader in trading systems integration is launching a Regulatory Reporting tool for MT4 brokers, thanks to a partnership with Confisio, leading provider of regulatory, compliance and operational solutions for the financial services industry…

Gold-i enhances its liquidity bridge with new dynamic throttling logic feature

Trading news  •  11 March 2015  •  Gold-i

Gold-i, global market leader in trading systems integration, has added a new feature to its award-winning liquidity bridge to further enhance MT4 server performance…

Gold-i launches unique profitability enhancing tool – Gold-i visual edge

Technology news, Trading news  •  19 November 2014  •  Gold-i

Gold-i, global market leader in trading systems integration, has launched a unique profitability enhancing tool to provide dealing desks and risk managers of MT4 brokers and Liquidity Providers with unparalleled understanding of their clients’ trading performance…

City Index partners with Gold-i to enhance MT4 offering for clients

Trading news  •  21 October 2014  •  City Index

City Index has partnered with Gold-i to launch a new two way synchronisation between MT4 and City Index’s G2 Trading Platform…

Gold-i Steps Up The Pace: New Appointments Fuel Global Growth

Movers & appointments  •  10 September 2014  •  Gold-i

Gold-i has appointed BetterWay FX Consulting, a Senior Software Development Manager and six new developers to prepare the company for the next phase of global growth…

Gold-i increases focus on managed services for next growth phase

News, Technology news  •  22 May 2014  •  

Gold-i, the global market leader in trading systems integration, has launched a range of flexible options for retail brokers requiring varying levels of IT support.


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