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Sapient Global Markets delivers lower cost, outsourced trade reporting with CMRSSM Portal

Trading news  •  13 January 2016  •  Sapient Global Markets

CMRS Portal offers a message-based pricing trade reporting model for firms with smaller volume, delivering a lower total cost of ownership…

Tenth system update of tm5 offers as standard an extended integrated matching service and EMIR Level II Validation

Technology news, Treasury news  •  15 October 2015  •  BELLIN

BELLIN offers its clients not only functionality like integrated matching but also electronic processing of letters of credit as standard with the update of their treasury management system tm5…

ESMA consults on Uniform Definition of EU commodity derivatives

December 2014  •  15 December 2014  •  William Yonge, Morgan Lewis Business & Finance Practice

William Yonge, London-based Partner of Morgan Lewis’ Business & Finance Practice, explains how the absence of an EU-wide definition of derivatives hinders the cause of harmonised regulation and how the EU is seeking to solve the problem so as to provide a consistent approach for entities operating across the region…

ESMA adds Keler CCP to the list of authorised CCPs under EMIR, but more needs to be done according to ITRS

News  •  9 July 2014  •  Keler CCP

The European Securities and Markets Authority has updated its list of Central Counterparties to include Keler CCP…

SWIFT eases trade reporting for EMIR compliance

News, Treasury news  •  14 January 2014  •  SWIFT

SWIFT enables financial institutions and corporates to meet February 2014 deadline for reporting derivatives transactions under EMIR…

ESMA approves the DTCC trade repository in Europe

News  •  7 November 2013  •  Green Target

Next 90 days crucial for the industry’s readiness to meet reporting requirements…

The end of paper-based trade confirmation?

Blog  •  6 June 2013  •  Paul Taylor, SWIFT

Paper-based trade confirmations may soon become a thing of the past for players of all sizes, says SWIFT’s Paul Taylor…

EDHEC-Risk Institute calls for improved transparency, governance and auditability of indices

Legislation, News  •  10 April 2012  •  EDHEC-Risk Institute

In response to ESMA consultation paper on ETFs and other UCITS issues…

European authorities get two months to affirm HFT governance plans

News, Trading news  •  24 February 2012  •  Finextra

National securities watchdogs given two months to declare their compliance plans on scrutinising high frequency trading activities…

Interesting times for synthetic ETFs

February 2012  •  3 February 2012  •  Rebecca Brace, Columnist, FX-MM

Since the birth of the European Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market in 2000, synthetic ETFs have grown to represent almost half the market. However, with new guidelines expected from ESMA in the coming weeks, uncertainty abounds and inflows into synthetic ETFs dropped dramatically in 2011.

Since their launch in Europe 12 years ago, exchange traded funds (ETFs) have grown rapidly. While the European market is still dwarfed by the $900 billion US market, it is now worth around $300 billion and is expected to continue growing at a healthy rate. A report published by Deutsche Bank in January forecast that ETFs will grow by 15-20% this year, while Howard Tai, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, predicts that: “The overall movement for exchange traded products is that they will continue to expand – and they could expand at the expense of traditional mutual fund type products.”

However, at the beginning of 2012 the European ETF market is facing a significant amount of uncertainty as the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is due to release guidance imminently which could affect the position of synthetic ETFs – which rep – re sent almost half of the market in Europe today.

European exchanges voice concern over HFT consultation’s scope

News, Trading news  •  14 October 2011  •  European Securities and Markets Authority (Esma)

Concerns that broker crossing networks are not being subjected to the same level of scrutiny as traditional bourses…

AIMA responds to ESMA consultation on AIFMD

Legislation, News  •  18 January 2011  •  

AIMA has called for the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to be flexible, proportionate…


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