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Kraken acquires Dutch bitcoin exchange CleverCoin as industry consolidation accelerates

Currency news, Technology news  •  28 June 2016  •  Kraken

Kraken boldly acquires third digital currency exchange of 2016, cementing dominant position in Europe as interest in bitcoin and ether rises…

SIX launches its new CO:RE trading platform – an advanced system for repo transactions

Technology news, Trading news  •  2 March 2016  •  SIX

SIX announces that it has successfully gone live with its new, fully integrated, real-time Repo trading facility – the CO:RE trading platform…

RMB stands fast as the second most active currency in Malaysia for payments with China and Hong Kong

Currency news  •  29 February 2016  •  SWIFT

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows the Renminbi holds a steady second place for payments between Malaysia and China/Hong Kong, while the US dollar continues to dominate the corridor…

Tim Cartledge to join EBS BrokerTec as Chief Strategy Officer

Movers & appointments  •  16 November 2015  •  EBS BrokerTec

Joins as member of EBS BrokerTec Executive Management Team and ICAP Global Executive Management Group…

RMB falls back to position #5 as an international payments currency

Currency news  •  30 October 2015  •  SWIFT

According to SWIFT data, the RMB has dropped a position in the currency rankings for international payments, whilst underlying growth remains positive…

ECB bringing volatility

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  22 October 2015  •  Simon Smith, FXPro

For the past four sessions, EURUSD has been confined to the 1.13 handle throughout the trading sessions, another illustration of the falling volatility we’ve seen over the recent times…

ICAP Information Services launches the ICAP Euro Interest Rate Swap Index

Currency news  •  7 October 2015  •  ICAP

ICAP’s Global Broking business and ICAP Information Services (IIS), the information and data division of ICAP, have together launched the ICAP Euro Interest Rate Swap (IRS) Index…

Euro safe haven bid weakening?

Trading commentary: Saxo Bank  •  26 August 2015  •  John J Hardy, Saxo Bank

Yesterday’s market action kept uncertainty levels high after a complete failure of the rally in equity markets and risk appetite to hold despite China’s move to cut rates and the RRR for banks….

Commodity currencies remaining weak

Daily Forex Brief: FxPro  •  26 August 2015  •  Simon Smith, FxPro

The fallout from Monday’s volatility continues to be felt in markets largely devoid of other fundamental drivers…

RMB breaks into the top ten most-used currencies for payments

News, Treasury news  •  24 January 2014  •  SWIFT

SWIFT RMB Tracker shows RMB has moved into top 10 payments currency for second month – now in 8th place…

Outlook for exchange rates in 2013

Blog  •  29 January 2013  •  Nordine Naam, strategist at Natixis

Nordine Naam, strategist at Natixis, does some crystal ball gazing and gives his outlook for the major currencies in 2013…

Slowdown in China; pickup in the US

September 2012  •  10 September 2012  •  Steve Shaw, Editor, FX-MM

FX-MM’s monthly look at the economic issues affecting sentiment in global markets and their implications for the major currencies.

It was never likely that the global economic crisis was going to be resolved over the course of two Northern Hemisphere summer months, but there have been some signs of progress of late, particularly in the U.S., where a number of key economic indicators are improving.

The risk of a eurozone break-up appears to have receded somewhat, but it has not gone away, and the situation in Greece is likely to return soon to centre stage. A crucial report on the state of Greece’s finances is due to be delivered in late September by the “troika” supervising the country’s fulfilment of the bailout conditions.

While many members of the single currency are still not through the worst of the crisis, most now fully understand the magnitude of task they face in restoring sustained economic growth and are making painful, but necessary, adjustments.

A brighter picture in the U.S.

April 2012  •  5 April 2012  •  

FX-MM’s monthly look at the issues affecting sentiment in global markets and their implications for the major currencies. A series of key economic and financial indicators coming out of the U.S. in recent weeks, particularly those on employment, have been surprisingly positive, although for the moment the relative strength of the U.S. economic recovery makes it something of an outlier. There are strong headwinds being encountered elsewhere – rising oil prices on the back of tensions with Iran, a tough period of austerity in the eurozone and a slowing economy in China.
Greece Gets Its Bailout

In the wake of the biggest debt write-down in history, eurozone politicians recently approved a second bailout for Greece worth €130bn, including a €28bn contribution from the IMF. This is intended to keep Greece funded until 2014.

Have European politicians done the trick?

March 2012  •  9 March 2012  •  Steve Shaw, Editor, FX-MM

FX-MM’s monthly look at the issues affecting sentiment in global markets and the implications of
these for the major currencies.

As we move through the first quarter of 2012, the focus is still very much on the fragility of the global economic recovery. There are both positive and negative signs coming from many of the major economies around the world. There have been some more encouraging economic figures posted by the U.S., the UK and Japan, amongst others, and the eurozone seems to be inching ever closer towards getting the necessary agreements in place which could eventually see its sovereign debt crisis successfully resolved.

Much depends on the larger Western economies and Japan returning to sustained economic growth, but the levels of growth being seen at the moment do not seem to be sufficient for a speedy recovery. The U.S., which is usually the major driver of the world economy, may not bounce back to pre-crisis growth levels for several years, especially when one considers the big spending cuts that will be required if the country is to reduce its deficit.

Some signs of optimism

February 2012  •  3 February 2012  •  

FX-MM’s monthly look at the major currencies and the underlying issues which are affecting sentiment in global markets.

A New Year usually brings a renewed sense of optimism, but 2012 seems to have started off with much the same underlying market sentiment that we saw through – out 2011 – continuing troubles in the eurozone and no shortage of negative headlines about the economy, the debt crisis and the inadequacy of the solutions being put forward by European leaders to save the day.

Look more closely though and there have been some more positive signs of late. No doubt investors will have been delighted with the good results from the debt auctions in Spain and Italy, which exceeded expectations as they managed to sell more government debt than originally anticipated – Spain almost doubled its initial offering. Both countries saw their bond yields come down and Italy’s yields dropped to 1.64% and 2.75% for six and twelve month bonds respectively.


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