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Mahesh Kini appointed as Deutsche Bank’s Head of GTB in China

Movers & appointments  •  13 February 2017  •  Deutsche Bank

Mahesh Kini will take over as Head of Global Transaction Banking – China at Deutsche Bank, reporting to both Feng Gao and Lisa Robins.

China’s bank brands value surpasses America’s for the first time

Banking news  •  3 February 2017  •  Brand Finance

For the first time ever, China’s bank brands are more valuable than those of America, owing partly to an affinity for brands and economic patriotism.

CLS signs MOU with Chinese think tank to support China’s economic development

Currency news, Trading news  •  23 January 2017  •  CLS Group

The MOU states that CLS and the NIFD will work closely together to support China’s economic development and the internationalisation of the renminbi.

How is Trump’s inauguration shaping up for financial markets?

Blog  •  20 January 2017  •  Luke Antoniou, FX-MM

Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the US today; how are financial markets shaping up as he prepares to give his first speech at the inauguration?

Bank of China moves to electronic trade documentation with Bolero

Technology news  •  16 January 2017  •  Bolero/Bank of China

Bolero will provide Bank of China with its ePresentation electronic trade document platform, making the bank the first of the Chinese ‘Big Four’ to do so.

DTCC research highlights challenges for RMB internationalisation

Currency news, Trading news  •  14 November 2016  •  DTCC

DTCC research calls for coordinated efforts by industry participants to understand RMB policy and market changes currently underway in the Asia region.

Commerzbank processes first BPO between Germany and China

Banking news  •  20 September 2016  •  Commerzbank

Commerzbank has processed its first transaction settled by a Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) between Germany and China covering the export of chemicals.

China: The emergence of a renminbi long view

Blog, Z Homepage promo  •  26 July 2016  •  Ee Chuan Ng, China Head of Sales, Bloomberg L.P.

The renminbi entered a new era of relative volatility in the last year after a long period as one of the most stable and predictable currencies in the world. Bloomberg’s Head of Sales for China, Ee Chuan Ng, explores the new long view…

The rise of the renminbi: a currency coming of age

July 2016  •  15 July 2016  •  Neil Dennis, FX-MM

China’s path to gaining international status for its currency now seems inevitable, but it has not been straightforward. As the IMF prepares to welcome the currency into its Special Drawing Rights basket in October, FX-MM’s Neil Dennis examines the global impact of the rise of the renminbi…

Santander signs MOU with China’s

Banking news  •  1 July 2016  •  Santander

Santander and China’s sign MOU to allow SMEs access to China’s large consumer market…

Chinese government’s CFETS chooses ICAP’s EBS BrokerTec for next generation FX and Fixed Income trading platform

Technology news, Trading news  •  3 June 2016  •  ICAP

ICAP plc announces that China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) has chosen ICAP to deliver the underlying technology for fixed income and foreign exchange (FX) electronic execution services in mainland China…

Ping An becomes first Chinese institution to join R3 distributed ledger consortium

Technology news  •  24 May 2016  •  Ping An and R3

Ping An Financial Services Group has joined financial innovation firm R3’s partnership to design and apply distributed and shared ledger-inspired technologies to global financial markets…

Tradeshift partners with Baiwang to accelerate supply chain digitisation in China

Treasury news  •  29 March 2016  •  Tradeshift

Partnership plays a role to digitise cross-border trade and enable China’s Internet Plus strategy to modernise its economy as outlined in the government’s 13th Five-Year Plan…

VTB Bank connects to CIPS

Banking news  •  10 March 2016  •  VTB

VTB, the second largest bank assets in Russia, has joined the China International Payment System (CIPS)…

Codelco streamlines trade with China and Asia using the Bolero ePresentation solution

Technology news, Trading news  •  18 February 2016  •  Bolero

The largest copper mining company in the world enlists Bolero to digitally exchange business documents, allowing them to streamline and automate the process of foreign trade, reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve collections and reduce errors…


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