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Six trends for currency markets to keep an eye on

Blog, Z Homepage promo  •  24 January 2017  •  Ivy Schmerken, Editorial Director, FlexTrade

Political uncertainty is playing havoc with currency markets, a trend that looks set to continue. Here’s a look at 6 trends we may see within that.

How are bank sales functions evolving?

Expert Views, November 2016  •  1 November 2016  •  John Ashworth, CEO, Caplin Systems

Regulation, cost reduction and automation are the three dominant factors affecting operations in banks today, writes John Ashworth, CEO at Caplin Systems.

Pragma completes infrastructure upgrade with NY5 migration

Technology news, Trading news  •  20 October 2016  •  Pragma

Pragma completes the upgrade and migration of its New York trading and connectivity infrastructure to Equinix’s NY5 data center.

FX Algo usage rises as buy-side takes charge

Blog, Z Homepage promo  •  1 September 2016  •  Ivy Schmerken, Editorial Director, Flextrade

Algorithmic trading is gaining ground in foreign exchange among asset managers and pension funds that have been traditionally slower than hedge funds and CTAs in adopting these tools…

Pragma launch TradeBase to enhance routing transparency

Technology news, Trading news  •  14 July 2016  •  Pragma Securities

Pragma Securities launch TradeBase, a real-time routing database developed to enhance the firm’s algorithmic trading platform…

New best execution algorithm from Quantitative Brokers

Technology news  •  8 July 2016  •  Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers release their new best execution trading algorithm, Closer, to service the industry’s need for best execution around the closing price benchmark…

Algomi among inaugural Connexus Cloud Partner collaborators; more than 6,000 customer locations, 700 cities and 200,000 users connected across cloud network

Technology news  •  23 June 2016  •  IPC Systems

In a move that marks a milestone in the evolution of its market strategy, IPC Systems, Inc. announced its launch of Connexus Cloud…

Pragma launches SmartFix algorithm to improve FX trading performance against WM/R 4pm

Trading news  •  12 April 2016  •  Pragma

Sophisticated new algorithm executes based upon pattern identified by Pragma research…

Algorithmic Trading: The rise of the machines

April 2016  •  11 April 2016  •  Peter Garnham, Editor, FX-MM

As algorithmic trading continues to take hold in the currency market, FX-MM’s Peter Garnham considers the factors behind this development and what advantage programme trading can bring to market participants…

Quantitative Brokers launches best execution algos for VIX futures

Trading news  •  18 February 2016  •  Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers (“QB”) has launched its best execution algorithmic offering on CBOE Futures Exchange (“CFE”)…

RHB goes live with Fidessa across Asia

Trading news  •  1 February 2016  •  Fidessa

Fidessa group plc announced that RHB Investment Bank (RHB), a premier Malaysian bank, has implemented Fidessa as its strategic trading platform across Asia…

OANDA Europe offers clients an Institutional algorithmic testing and execution platform with SeerTrading Systems

Trading news  •  8 December 2015  •  OANDA Europe Limited

OANDA Europe Limited has partnered with Seer Trading Systems, providing OANDA client’s with an Institutional-grade algorithmic back-testing and forward execution platform…

Algorithmic Trading: FX algos gain traction

November 2015  •  10 November 2015  •  Frances Faulds

The use of algorithms in the FX market is already delivering smart order routing, tighter pricing and more efficiency. FX-MM’s Frances Faulds looks at how far this trend will go and the shifting shape of the algo market in FX…

Expert view: Well-written algorithms will always beat human traders

Expert Views, November 2015  •  10 November 2015  •  Alexander Talei, Global Head of Trading, at Price Markets (UK)

Alexander Talei, Global Head of Trading, at Price Markets (UK), explains to FX-MM why a well-written algorithm will always win out against a human trader…

TraderServe connects to Colt PrizmNet

Technology news  •  15 September 2015  •  TraderServe

Colt adds TraderServe to financial extranet; Enables algo testing for MiFID II in Europe, Asia pacific and North America…


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