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June/July 2017

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the next issue of FX-MM:

  • Treasury, Trading and Technology review – FX as an asset class
    By Neil Dennis
    As electronic and internet platforms bring ever greater numbers into FX trading, FX-MM examines the benefits and potential hazards of investing in the world’s largest market.
  • Digitising trade finance
    By Paul Golden
    The benefits of trade finance digitisation are clear, yet progress towards full digitisation has been slow. FX-MM asks banks and technology providers for their views on what needs to be done to increase adoption of digital trade finance and considers whether financial institutions have been sufficiently proactive in embracing the concept. We also look at the cost implications and return on investment in processes and infrastructure; the benefits in terms of regulatory compliance; and whether trade finance digitisation has led to increased competition for corporate business.
  • The cost of compliance: leveraging RegTech
    By Rebecca Brace
    In today’s regulatory environment, banks need all the help they can get when it comes to streamlining their compliance activities. As such, RegTech is increasingly playing a role in helping banks automate their compliance-related processes, reduce costs and increase transparency. FX-MM looks at the types of solutions available, the drivers for adopting RegTech and the different models on offer.
  • Machine learning and AI
    By Luke Antoniou
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence, once part of the lore of science fiction, are now beginning to play an often unseen but increasingly important part in the everyday operation of financial services. FX-MM explores the real-use cases for this technology within the financial services industry, from financial advice to unprecedented automation, and takes a look ahead to the future.

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FX-mag-Mockup-WEBNow entering our 25th year, FX-MM magazine examines the issues that bankers, corporate treasurers, fund managers, traders, brokers and technology vendors face in the international financial markets. FX-MM focuses on treasury, trading and technology, and is the only monthly magazine which serves all of these sectors effectively.

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