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April 2017 Issue

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the next issue of FX-MM:

  • Treasury, Trading and Technology Review – Algorithmic trading
    Author – Peter Garnham
    As the rise of algorithmic trading in FX continues, FX-MM takes an in-depth look in at how the buy-side is using computer-driven models to ensure best execution and satisfy regulatory concerns.
  • Real-time payments – the business case
    Author – Neil Dennis
    Fintech innovation has fuelled expectations for real-time payments globally. FX-MM examines the progress made across the world, and the potential benefits for consumers and business as the rulebook for modern cash and liquidity management is re-written.
  • Corporate Treasury – how to see the bigger picture
    Author – Rebecca Brace
    Technology plays an important role in the life of any corporate treasurer, but treasurers’ technology needs have evolved over the last few years as they have taken on a more strategic role within the organisation. This article will explore how treasury technology can help treasurers go above and beyond the traditional requirements of the job and see the bigger picture – whether that means gaining a clearer understanding of cash flow, optimising working capital management or supporting business strategy.
  • Bank collaboration to the fore
    Author – Eleanor Hill
    Now more than ever, banks must collaborate to succeed. As FX-MM discovers, overcoming industry challenges ranging from disintermediation to cybercrime will require an increasingly collaborative effort between incumbent banks, new entrants, and regulators. What’s more, the move towards open banking and APIs will only spur greater collaboration, but the road ahead will not be without its stumbling blocks.


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Latest Issue

Latest Issue


digital issue #2 march 2017

FX-MM March 2017 – Digital version

Author(s): FX-MM

In this issue: Cross-border payments; Bank intraday liquidity; Regulation watch; Product profile; Leveraging the cloud; In-house banks; and Regulated communication…

FX in the spotlight: Brexit implications for business

Author(s): Philippe Gelis, CEO, co-Founder, Kantox

Hard Brexit, or soft Brexit – its unclear what the UK’s exit from the EU will finally look like, but Kantox’s Philippe Gelis looks at possible implications.

Collaborating for cross-border payments transformation

Author(s): Bana Akkad Azhari, Head of Sales & Relationship Management MENA and the CIS, Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon

The need to enhance the cross-border payments experience is becoming ever more evident, and bank collaboration will be key to future progress.

Gender diversity is becoming critical in the technology sector

Author(s): Christopher Burke, CEO, Brickendon

To improve innovation and creativity, a grass roots approach is needed to encourage more women into the technology sector.

Past Issues

Special Reports

Special Reports


Prime Broking In-Depth Focus

19 December 2016

In this In-Depth Focus, FX-MM brings together leading industry experts to examine the state of play in prime brokerage…

The future of Treasury Management Systems

30 September 2016

FX-MM brings together leading industry experts to discuss the future of Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and examine how technology is enabling Treasurers to ditch the data gathering and take on a more strategic role within their organisations. Our panel examines how technology is also helping to democratise the use of TMS, with Software-as-a- Service offerings enabling corporates large and small to enjoy the benefits of the cloud and more user-friendly systems…

Special Report: Fighting Latency

30 September 2016

The FX market is forever on the move and now more than ever speed is of the essence. What is driving the constant drive to reduce latency? How is it affecting the structure of the market? How can trading firms cope, and what is the role of big data? Our expert panelists debate these issues and more as they explore the future of global currency trading…

SmartStream: The future of financial utilities

7 September 2016

In our September 2016 issue, we teamed up with SmartStream to take an in-depth look at financial utilities and how they are now driving improved efficency, control and regulatory compliance…

The future of Transaction Banking

7 September 2016

From the changing perception of the value of transaction banking within banks, to the increasingly strategic role of the corporate treasurer, from the potential of blockchain to the threat to traditional banks from the innovative and agile fintech sector, and the continuing burden of regulatory change, our expert panelists debate these issues and more as they explore the future of transactions services…

Special Report: The Future of Transaction Banking

6 October 2015

Our expert panelists debate the future of transactions services…

Financial Utilities: The way forward

6 October 2015

FX-MM, in association with SmartStream, takes an in-depth look into the future of financial utilities and how they can help address the regulatory, cost and margin pressures firms face today…

Special Report: Fighting Latency

8 September 2015

As the adoption of high-frequency trading styles increases across asset classes, FX-MM looks at what it takes to be able to compete in today’s market. From connectivity to scalability, we assess how firms can remove latency from their trading systems and take advantage of the latest technology…

Special Report: FX as an asset class

15 June 2015

As the financial crisis hit, FX was one of the few global markets that remained functioning, providing investors with an outlet to trade while others around them ground to a halt. That according to some opened the door for a fresh interest in FX as an asset class in its own right. FX-MM takes stock, looking at whether that trend is set to continue and delving into the big issues currently concerning those operating in the world’s largest financial market…

SEPA – Special Report

21 November 2013

We are now counting down to the SEPA migration deadline in weeks if not days, but certainly no longer months. In this special roundtable report, five industry experts give their views on what is required to meet the 1st February 2014 cut-off, and explain why it is also important to think longer-term about SEPA…

Strategic Treasury – Special Report

21 November 2013

In this panel debate, four industry experts discuss the challenges facing corporate treasurers in a post-crisis world, and how banks and vendors are responding to their evolving needs…

OTC Derivatives Regulation – Special Report

19 July 2013

In this special report, four industry experts discuss the latest on Dodd-Frank and EMIR in this lively roundtable debate…

e-channels Special Report

18 June 2013

In this special report, FX-MM examines the evolution that is taking place in treasury technology, and how this is allowing treasury departments to not only improve their operational efficiency, but also ensure their decision-making processes are better informed…

SEPA Special Report

9 May 2013

In this SEPA special report, we examine the progress that has been made towards SEPA migration, and provide some useful hints and tips for those corporates yet to embark on their SEPA project. In addition, four industry experts debate the issues of the day, from the likelihood of corporates meeting the SEPA deadline, to the different interpretations of ‘SEPA compliance’….


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