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Created in 1997 by experts in cash management and new technologies, DataLog Finance is a treasury-oriented software provider for major groups.

His comprehensive CashSolutions range of softwares includes:

  • CashPooler : 1st full Web payment factory and cash management software
  • CashValue: full Web treasury management system (TMS)
  • CashMatching: full Web account reconciliation software
  • CashMatching: full Web bank reconciliation solution
  • CashRisk: full Web financial transactions, FX and interest rate risk management software

Main Features

Free from any technical option of the corporates, CashSolutions natively integrates:

  • a multi-protocol bank communication module (CashCom), working with SWIFTNet (FIN and FileAct), EBICS, FTP, X400…
  • a powerful Import/Export module enabling all types of exchange and supporting any file format
  • a four-eye validation for access/right management and parameters
  • payment workflows
  • electronic signature
  • full-Web architecture
  • SDD management

CashSolutions combines innovation and security with awareness of day-to-day issues in the treasury long-term needs.

DataLog Finance thus became a leader in the field of treasury management and gained the confidence of major groups, among which AXA, Danone, Airbus Group, Orange, IBM, Thales…

Main Figures

Using CashSolutions means joining a community of:

  • over 50 clients
  • over 11 000 users
  • exchanging several billions of Euros every day
  • in over 60 countries

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