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Morning commentary: Capital Spreads

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Calm before the storm

Posted on: 4 June 2014

European equities are set to continue to drift lower as traders continue to pass time until this week’s big economic releases.

Traders taking the first half of the week easy

Posted on: 3 June 2014

European equities are set to drift lower as risk appetite wanes. With the major indices perched near key levels and market moving releases expected from central banks and the BLS later this week, traders are content to sit on the sidelines until then.

Bulls playing follow the leader

Posted on: 2 June 2014

European equities are set to start the month with a pop as the low volume, no news rally continues.

World at ease

Posted on: 30 May 2014

European equities look set to open flat again and then ‘presumably’ extend their advantage once more.

Stairway to Heaven

Posted on: 29 May 2014

European equities look set to open fairly flat again as the ‘risk on’ button shows little sign of being switched off. When a lurch to the upside loses momentum, it is fairly normal to see a retracement of sorts as profits are booked and bears catch a whiff of the honey.

Join the club

Posted on: 28 May 2014

European equities look set to open fairly flat as investors take stock following another impressive day of gains. Following the bank holiday markets took heed from a positive global outlook and a ‘concern-free’ day of trading.

Banks back to work

Posted on: 27 May 2014

Normal service will resume this morning as banks re-open their doors following the long weekend. We have got to the end of May with little talk or reaction to the old adage, ‘sell in May, and go away.’

Famous victory for Farage

Posted on: 26 May 2014

The increasing hold that UKIP is administering upon British politics is what Nigel Farage claims to be the ‘most extraordinary result in British politics for 100 years.’

Election trepidation

Posted on: 23 May 2014

European equities are set to open mixed as traders turn cautious ahead of election results. Despite modest gains in overnight markets, European traders are showing some hesitation ahead of the Ukrainian and European election results

Fed gives the green light to the bulls

Posted on: 22 May 2014

European equities are set to start with a bang on positive overnight cues. US markets closed with solid gains following the release of a set of dovish FOMC meeting minutes.

Traders on the lookout for hawks

Posted on: 21 May 2014

European equities are set to dip on the open as the hangover from yesterday’s decline ensues. With the markets clearly stalling once again at key technical levels the question of how low will we go is now the main topic of trader mutterings.

Another dog day for the markets

Posted on: 20 May 2014

Despite overnight gains in the US and Asia, European indices aren’t able to latch on to any of their bullishness and we have had a mixed start

Calm, but no storm

Posted on: 19 May 2014

European equities are set to open flat as traders adopt a wait and see attitude. After posting new highs last week, the bulls took a breather and we’ve drifted back from those levels but it doesn’t look like panic is setting in and they’re taking it in their stride.

Bears come out of the woods to play

Posted on: 16 May 2014

European equities have opened pretty much on the flat as traders remain nervous following recent falls.

Have we topped?

Posted on: 15 May 2014

European indices are set to ease back on the open as traders worry that yesterday’s practically flat finishes have marked the apex of the up move.