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Moneycorp: Beware volatility

Posted on: 7 November 2016

Politics was the main driver for currencies at the end of last week and over the weekend, as the USD gained on Clinton being cleared by the FBI.

Moneycorp: Donald trumps himself in final election debate

Posted on: 20 October 2016

The final debate before the US election saw Donald Trump remark that the public will have to wait and see whether he'll accept the result should he lose.

Moneycorp: The pound is on the charge after recent data

Posted on: 19 October 2016

The pound led a furious charge yesterday, gaining almost 1% against the euro and dollar - the strongest one day rise since September.

Moneycorp: Sterling rallies, December Fed decision almost made

Posted on: 18 October 2016

Sterling saw a small rally this morning and Fed member Fischer spoke yesterday, saying a rate hike will almost definitely happen in December.

Moneycorp: Item Club survey predicts 2.6% UK inflation

Posted on: 17 October 2016

Sunday saw the release of the Item Club survey, which has predicted that the UK's inflation rate will rise to 2.6% next year, above the BoE's 2% target.

Moneycorp: Hard Brexit fears hit domestically-produced goods

Posted on: 13 October 2016

Brexit fears and the weakness of the pound has created a pricing dispute that has led to some domestic goods being pulled from supermarket shelves.

Moneycorp: The Empire strikes back

Posted on: 12 October 2016

Sterling can rise as well as fall. On Tuesday it did both.

Moneycorp: The struggle continues

Posted on: 11 October 2016

It was another losing day for sterling, which fell by -0.3% on average against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies.

Moneycorp: Respite needed

Posted on: 10 October 2016

Following Thursday night's sharp -2% fall it would have been fair, under normal circumstances, to expect the pound to stage some sort of recovery the following day.

Moneycorp: Another day, another rout for the pound

Posted on: 5 October 2016

Brexit uncertainty took another -0.4% off the pound's value on Tuesday as it added a four-year low against the euro to the 31-year low on Cable.

Moneycorp: Cable continues to break with GBP still losing ground

Posted on: 4 October 2016

Cable is looking sorry for itself as Brexit fears are renewed after speeches by PM Theresa May and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

Moneycorp: Getting closer to knowing what Brexit means

Posted on: 3 October 2016

Theresa May has said that the UK will invoke Article 50 in March 2017, meaning we are a step closer to defining what Brexit actually is...

Moneycorp: Grilled bankers

Posted on: 29 September 2016

Janet Yellen, the chairperson of the US Federal Reserve, spent three hours delivering her six-monthly testimony to the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday afternoon.

Moneycorp: Random walk

Posted on: 28 September 2016

Sterling strengthened by an average of 0.3% on Monday, gaining ground against everything except the South African rand.

Moneycorp: The first debate

Posted on: 27 September 2016

The overnight movement of the Mexican peso against the dollar shows who investors thought won the first US presidential debate.



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