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Microgen releases DBClarity Developer

13 February 2012  •  Source: Microgen

British software firm Microgen PLC, whose business-critical software Microgen Aptitude is used by many of the world’s biggest global banks and digital media providers, is announcing a new software product to address the need to efficiently extract crucial insights from stored business data. Microgen DBClarity Developer is genuinely aimed at both IT and business users.

Key on computer screen unlock dataMicrogen DBClarity Developer empowers teams to access previously inaccessible datasets and unlock value stored deep within business IT systems. With this new product, teams can extract valuable informational insights in the form of marketing intelligence, operational statistics and management metrics.

The solution boasts a highly intuitive graphical environment which allows users to define data access and analysis routines by simple drag and drop. The visual nature of Microgen DBClarity Developer enables close collaboration between technical and business users and dramatically improves the ability of teams to extract information from IT systems.

Graphical diagrams replace database code and provide – for the first time – a medium for IT and business team members to make sure the right information is extracted the first time, ending the typical back-and-forth normally required and removing a burden on valuable IT resources. Furthermore, Microgen DBClarity Developer routines are uniquely modular, so teams can easily share and re-use queries and procedures, embedding previously-created logic into new routines.

Microgen DBClarity Developer is typically aimed at firms with large IT infrastructures, such as those found in technology, banking, digital media, pharmaceutical and retail industry groups. Microgen DBClarity Developer diagrams can be deployed to all major databases, removing the need for teams to learn the SQL syntax of different systems, and empowering enterprises with valuable data spread across a multitude of different systems. Microgen DBClarity Developer provides a visual interface for teams to process and transform data without the need to extract it from the database.

In addition with increased regulation in data-heavy markets, such as Basel III and the new infrastructure following the breaking up of the FSA, in the banking industry, the need to manage data goes beyond just internal business demands. The ability to access and audit data in a transparent and controlled fashion is increasingly a legal/compliance requirement.

“The recent McKinsey Big Data report recognizes the critical importance of analyzing and interpreting data with large businesses as an invaluable asset to inform business strategies and tactics,” says David Sherriff, CEO of Microgen. “To drive growth successfully, it’s important that non-technical and IT teams are able to understand each other better. Microgen DBClarity Developer was developed specifically to address this challenge by removing complexity in accessing and analyzing data. We believe that this product will enable management in large organizations to realize a real “Return on Information’”.

Further details can found at www.microgen.com, where a download of the software is available.

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